about us

The main goal of Art & Soul Gallery is to offer a carefully composed aesthetic experience to strengthen the appreciation of classical ideas into abstract forms while our aim is to ascribe value to the artists, their exposure and reputation by conquering new borders of expression.

The curator and manager along with our art experts apply their personal knowledge and experience in the selection process as well as in the arrangement of the artworks in our inspiring and breathtaking environment.

The gallery houses a collection of limited edition sculptures , unique mix media paintings and objects of art by famous Greek and International artists.

Currently Art and Soul gallery hosts and presents to the public the unparalleled work of world-renowned and award winning artist Yanni, the unique creations of Constantinos Valaes, the designs of Stefanos – an enthusiastic and creative innovator full of new but expressive values, the brilliant collage designs of Dimosthenis Prodromou, the utopic creations of Nektarios Sioulas and the innovative young artist Michalis Kolonis with his inspired pop art designs.

The gallery accommodates special requests in terms of interior or exterior design projects, private or corporate sales, special constructions, art advisory and worldwide delivery.

Definitely worth to visit and enjoy to the maximum a full sensory immersion, be a part of a vibrating dialogue and constant interaction between the artworks and yourselves!