Contemporary Greek artist Michail Kolonis (1992) embraces his country’s rich art history in his works dating back to ancient Greece.

Michail started his career as an artist at the age of fifteen and has developed different techniques over the years. He works mainly with alabaster sculptures, sprays and markers, creating colorful works of art full of contrasts – not only visually, but also in their meaning.

Ancient Greece is known to this day as a civilization that developed many innovations, new ways of thinking and rules of culture and art, which we recognize in Greek sculptures. These sculptures depicted gods from Greek mythology, depicting the beauty standards of that time.

Michail, whether painting or sculpture, takes these great examples of Greek beauty norms and adds a twist to our modern culture. With spray paint and markers, he covers ancient deities with symbols, signs and labels that reflect today’s cultural “obsessions” – what 21st century culture thinks and dreams about.

his mode of expression depicts the decadence of our world and, transforming the statues of ancient Greece into a new art, clearly shows the lack of order in the new world.

The artist lives and works on the island of Mykonos.