I am a multi-disciplinary artist living in Athens, Greece and Los Angeles, California.

I consider myself a self directed artist, working in traditional mediums (painting and drawing) and
mixed media, music and video. My practice is informed by the space where the organic meets the
inorganic, with a focus on the pervasive presence of technology. In 2021, I moved to Athens in order
to explore new material realities and narratives. Although I frequently return to the US to connect
with the cultural ethos of both nations, I consider Athens my home.

As I create art here in Athens, I call upon Carl Jung’s belief that the sacred site of the Acropolis
creates an energetic opportunity called a “Temenos” wherein “an encounter with the unconscious
can be had and where these unconscious contents can be safely brought into the light of
consciousness.” That preternatural safe place is the locus of my work as I strive to map out the
relationship between the ethereal and the mundane. My more abstract work flows from the very real
anxieties of a modern life ruled by technology, wherein my representational art aims to capture the
physical reality of these anxieties.