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Venus Transparent medium size Swimmers – couple Sitting Grace Elevation medium size Crossing Point with glass Kite Flyer Joy Icarus small size Guardian Angel City Person Horse of Troy small size The Rowers boat large size Golden City 180 x 180 Woman with an Attitude Why Me medium size Why Me large size Watching the Sunrise couple small Watching the Sunrise couple large The Seahorse medium size Vertical Cloud Traveler – Waiting for the Tide to Rise TORSOS front & rear Thunder Thinker – Cycladic Idol The Runners group of 3 The Horse The End of the Roman Empire The Diver The Bridge The Audience Reaching the Sun Rainbow Prelude Prayer Pegasus Out of the Box small size Nike long – medium Nike large Need a Hand XL My Inner Self Mobile Question Message from the Heart Mediterranean Looking in the Future In Search of a Balance Ikarus Idol Horse of Troy – Plexi Greeting the Day Gravity aluminium composition of 6 medium size climbers Grab the Bull from it’s Horns Generations Evolution Eternal Leap large size Entering the Circle Embracing the World Diplomat small size Dancing with the Wind ALUMINIUM and BRONZE Crossing Point Blue Chair Crisis – Fear Counting the Stars Compromise Close Up XL Close Up medium size Climbing to Success Atlas XL Artemis Acrobat Valentino The Tree Graces with clothes The Three Graces no clothes The swimmer – Female The Outline The Kiss small size The Kiss large size The Fish small size The Dialogue small size The Dialogue large size The Ballet Dancer The 6 Runners large size The 6 Runners large size in 3 colors The 4 Runners medium size The 2 Runners medium size Temptation Take it easy Surfer Support Sitting Lady Sitting Couple Single Rower’s Boat Seahorse with glass small size Rise and Shine small size Rise and Shine large size Return to Ithaca Puzzle-face Prelude medium size Portrait Olive Tree small size Offering Love Nike small size Need a Hand small size Need a hand medium size Mr Melody Mother and Child Mother and child – Harbor Mother and Child – Harbor no base Maternity small size Maternity large size Joy with glass It Takes Two medium size It Takes Two large size Icarus small size HORSE OF TROY large size Happy Moment Happy Moment sitting Greeting the day Garden of Eden Friendship with glass large size Friends – 2 Torsos Freedom Flames – Dreamer First Day of Sping Family Tree Falling in Love Eternal Leap small size Eternal Leap medium size Elevated Friends small size Elevated Friends – Mascs Demetra Dancing With The Wind small size Dancing With The Wind medium size Dancing in the Sun man-woman small size Dancing in the Sun 3 men medium size Dancing in the Sun 3 men large size Dancing in the Sun 2 men small size Dancing in The Sun 2 men medium size Dancing in the Sun man & woman medium size Dancing Couple – Self centered Compromise small size Completion Colored People bronze small size Colored People aluminium medium size Close-Up small size Circle of Trust Changing Levels Atlas small size Athenian Moment woman Athenian Moment man A1 table Angel 3 Winners 3 Runners 3 Birds 2 Runners 2 Birds The Seahorse The Friends Owl Olive Branch small size Olive Branch medium size Nike Growing with affection Elevation.. Dialogue Affection A3 table G3 table G2 table G1 table D3 table A5 table A4 table A2 table Olive Tree floor based – GOLD PLATED 240 X 110 Olive Tree Couple table D2 table D1 table Big Wind table La Belle et la Bete 120 X 100 Fictional Urban Oasis 120 X 80 acrylics Woman 180 X 180 Urban People 50 X 170 Transition 120 X 80 acrylics The Annunciation 140 X 110 acrylics Silver Rain 160 X 80 Golden Blue 80 X 110 Flame 140 X 110 acrylics City Shadows 150 X 270 acrylics City 180 X 180 Collage on Plexiglass 140x100cm 39x55in Collage on canvas 54x65cm 21x26in Collage on canvas 50x60cm 20x24in Collage on canvas 46x55cm 18x22in Divers Reflections of King and Queen on Water Train Lines Box Return To Ithaca Reference Point Prometheus Bound New Perspective In between Holding Up the Sun Entering the Clouds Crossing Point Climbing To Success Changing Level