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Minotaur Icarus Minotaur Going bananas Flying my dreams through the sky Cycladic Image (Small) Cycladic Image (Large) Nike (Large) Close up (Medium) M2 Achilles (Table) N2 Gaia (Table) N1 (Table) X3 Venus (Table) X2 Icarus (Table) X1 (Table) Mermaids Blue Afternoon Birth Of The Aegean Sea Blue Horizon Blue Drop (Triptych) Lighthouse Olive Tree Summertime’s Love Landscape I Bow Down To Pray To The Girl With The Vail Hands Reaching Out Tramontate Stelle or Sunset Stars Insta Embrace 2 Embrace Wood Venus Transparent medium size Swimmers – couple Crossing Point with glass Joy Guardian Angel City Person Horse of Troy small size Woman with an Attitude Why Me medium size Watching the Sunrise Seahorse with crystal glass (medium size) Waiting for the Tide to Rise / Traveler TORSOS front & rear The Runners (group of 3) The Diver Audience Reaching the Sun Prayer Pegasus Out of the Box small size Message from the Heart Ikarus Idol Medium Greeting the Day Gravity Generations Eternal Leap (large) Entering the Circle Embracing Diplomat (small) Dancing with the Wind Crisis / Fear Close Up (XL) Close Up (medium) Atlas (XL) Artemis Acrobat / Chairman The Tree Graces (with clothes) The Three Graces (no clothes) The Kiss (large) The Fish (small) The Dialogue (small) The 6 Runners (large) The 6 runners in 3 colors (large) The 4 Runners (medium) The 2 Runners (medium) Lady on the edge Single Rower’s Boat Rise & Shine (small) Rise & Shine (large) Return to Ithaca Prelude (medium) Olive Tree (small) Offering Love Nike (small) Need a hand (small) Need a hand (medium) Maternity (large) It Takes Two (medium) It Takes Two (large) Horse of Troy (large) Friendship with glass (large) Friends – 2 Torsos Freedom with glass Spirit of a flower Eternal Leap (small) Eternal Leap (medium) Elevated Friends / Mascs Demetra (small) Dancing with the wind (small) Dancing with the wind (medium) Dancing in the sun man-woman (small) Dancing in the sun 3 men (medium) Dancing in the sun 3 men (large) Dancing in the sun 2 men (small) Dancing in the sun 2 men (medium) Dancing in the sun man-woman (medium) Completion (small) Colored People bronze (small) Colored People (medium) Close-Up (small) Circle of Trust Atlas (small) G3 Afrodite (table) G2 (table) G1 (table) A4 windswept (table) F1 Hermes (floor based) D2 (table) D1 (table) Big Wind (table) Silver Rain Golden Blue City Shadows City Reflections of King and Queen on Water